Some Light Entertainment: Hunted

There's a new show on the UK's channel 4 called Hunted. 14 ordinary people go on the run from 30 experts in surveillance, profiling, and general person hunting(ex CIA, ex police, private investigators etc.). The fugitives have to last 30 days without being caught. The hunters claim to be using the same techniques that the state would use to track down a fugitive.

It's as I write this, only got 2 episodes up, and it's rather light on the technical details of what the hunters are doing exactly. But I've enjoyed it so far, and thought it might interest people here.

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7 Responses

Thanks. +1 will check it out

I need to buy a TV. :\


You can watch it online at that link. I don't have a tv either :)

In that case...


I will look into it. Seems interesting and could bring up ideas someone here might not have thought of.


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