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Hi I recently installed kali linux and there was couple of problems . I was unable to decrease or increase my brightness , tried using xcalib and xbacklight to set the brightness but to no avail. The biggest problem was the /sys/class/backlight/intelbacklight/ file was empty and I could not change the brightness as I hope to .

Can someone please help me ?

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try echo 10 > /sys/class/backlight/intelbacklight/brightness

I was also unable to edit it through vim

i found something look more usefull

  1. Open up your terminal
  1. Copy and paste the following code into the terminal, and press enter:

sudo sed "s/\(GRUBCMDLINELINUX=\)\"\&­quot;/\1\"acpiosi=Linux acpibacklight=vendor\"/" /etc/default/grub -i

  1. Enter your password when prompted and press enter again.
  1. Now copy and paste the following code into the terminal, and press enter again:

sudo update-grub

  1. You're done. Now close the terminal, and re-boot your computer.

I tried your method at first , i reboot but no changes were save so i tried modifying the grub file by adding 'acpibacklight=vendor' . I reboot and found a asus-ng-wmi folder containing brightness files ,i tried configuring it from the number 100 to 50 but it gives an error : "could not save to file /sys/class/backlight/asus-ng-wmi/brightness" unexpected error:error writing to the file invalid argument "

It was a number 100 in the file which i suppose is the percentage of the brightness bu i tried changing it to 50 but failed

is your monitor driver correctly installed and work under linux ?

yes , i installed the nvidia drivers already

You can resolve this issue by using xbacklight or by changing required files in your system.I have done a video regarding this issue please do check it out :

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