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I want to build an AirDrop simulator that can communication with the real apple device, but I get some difficulty on it.

In the Apple device, if it can recognize other device open the AirDrop function(Wi-Fi and bluetooth), then it will pop up a icon and you can select it.

But there will be a question, the first step of AirDrop to build a recognition is using Bluetooth Low energy to advertising, I don't know what information contained in that frame. I also found that normal bluetooth adapter most likely cannot perform sniffing the BLE frame, generate and send it. Is it any method can deal with it or I need to have some specific device to perform this step? I want to perform the recognition step first.

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I've found Airdrop will be the best platform for sharing files. But sadly, Airdrop doesn't support for Windows computer users. So, I've found some listings for Airdrop for PC alternative

So, my question now is Will this really help me?

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