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how can i connect between to softwares on linux i mean for example i take a game like minecraft and take a backdoor from veil evasion and connect between them..??

can i do that??

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Yes u windows there is a tool called mFileBinder. i dont know if it is available for linux. this can bind two or more files together, also this gives you an option how do u want to run each file. like for minecraft u can run it normally and the malware you make can be run in hidden mode.

you can search it for linux if its available. or search its alternatives for linux.

there is another program in windows called IEXPRESS am i wrong??

if i crate the programs from linux and copy it to the windows machine can i do that from there(from windows) and bind the file?

i can use "mFileBinder" in linux i can open it with WINE can't i?

m not sure about linux bro u can try out.. we learn only by trying ;)
good luck.

Don't use third party tools... you can easily do it mainly with Minecraft since it's a .jar file on Linux. What I mean is you can easily access the source code and edit it to have a backdoor except that way would have to have the backdoor to be java. I'm pretty sure you can do that with several languages if you are able to kinda embed Minecraft. I'm not exactly sure how you would do it exactly but you don't need a third party tool. I suggest embedding the backdoor in the application manually. Or if you want to just use a tool, I'm just saying it isn't ideal in my sense. Hope that helps. :)

P.S. If this is misleading I'm sorry, I just wrote what I think could work.

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