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My broadband connection gives everyone a username and password to connect. And the respective MAC of PC or router is registered. So if you try to connect with different PC mac it wont get connected.. its kind of mac filtering with username and password.

So i managed to get username of my friend and the password for everyone is the same. so i used his username and password and mac to connect to internet. It gets connected. But when i change my settings in my System. he gets disconnected. Please tell y does he get disconnected when i use his settings( userid, passwd, his mac).

Is there any way so that we both can use the same settings at a time.??

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Urmmmm....Be a little bit more specific. How did you do that MAC-Address-filtering thing? If its a setting on your router send us a screenshot. And most importantly...What settings did you change that resulted to your friend's disconnection O.o?

my router has setting to configure manual mac address, so i spoofed my friends mac and used his username and password to connect to internet. so after this steps i get connected but, my friend who is using his internet gets dissconnected to internet, cause i m using his connection by mac spoofing. so is there any way to prevent him for disconnecting to internet and we both can use the same internet with same mac and username and password. ?

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