Forum Thread: How I Can Hack Clash of Clans Game

Plz give answer ion my Gmail account my id is

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go to youtube, type "How to hack clash of clans" then open any video with a good music. Check out the description for the download link then have fun with doing surveys and hopelessly if you're done with it, download the hack then open it... Thats it.. so simple by getting a virus by having fun :)

srry that was ma thoughts :)

Niel Hans:

Step 1. Realise that hacking is a practised art.

Step 2. Download and install a Linux distribution onto USB.

Step 3. ????

Step 4. PROFIT!

You don't just download something or type in a couple of codes and suddenly you're in; that's the romanticised hollywood idea of hacking. It will entail a lot of reading, study, and thinking outside of the box. Something I sincerely doubt you will be willing to do.

I also do not help script kiddies, neither should anyone else.


Wouldn't it be excellent if the hollywood way was how it happened.

That guy from swordfish would of had it made.

Also, I'm interested in the forth part of your steps ghost_ how do we get to that stage :-p

i understand your point but everyone has to begin somewhere

Jarne Libersens:

I'm not trying to deter people, however, they have to understand that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Especially considering what we do can carry prison sentences.

If the determined ones truly want to pick it up, that's fantastic. But if they're just looking for a one off quick crack to show off to their friends or something, they're better off just not trying at all for their own good.

I would rather not see anyone here go to prison and think about it, if Jeremy Hammond was caught and incarcerated, what chance do these inexperienced aspiring hackers have?


hey ghost .. I want to learn hacking from scratch, can you suggest some good free sites ? or anyone who can ?


I'll leave that to the imagination of others.


i wish i could hack something :(

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