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every time I see a stupid question, I feel SO pissed off. Folks, pleaaaase, we're supposed to make posts and ask questions that improve our learning and widen our understanding of things, not the other way around. So, please, before you ask a question, at least make some effort to search for the answer either here or on google, and if you can't find it, then you can make a new post...This community is noob-friendly, but it's not STUPID-friendly

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And yet you post this in the how-to section instead of the forum...ohh the irony..

I posted it in the 'how to' section because MOST of the stupid questions I see are here, so the best place to reply to them would be here... consider it as a "how to NOT ask stupid questions" post

This leads me to think that this post does not really belong to how to section, does it?
Still, good to see you understand that life is not very rewarding to the lazy.

-The Joker

There are no stupid questions. Yes, some can be answered through research, but if a question isn't posted here, it'll just find its way to another forum that might not be as friendly.

Please don't be so hostile towards those who just want to learn.


I agree with Defalt. Although many people post questions like "How do i hax?", It is much easier to link to a helpful source, like Ghost's article, How to Post To Null Byte.

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