Forum Thread: Is There Any Way to Port Forward Without a Router?

-Hello guys

I was testing reverse shells in my network for a while an now i wanna take it one step further(get a meterpreter session over internet)

But my router doesnt support port forwarding.

So i was wondering if there is any way to get a meterpreter session in Metasploit over WAN without port forwarding the router ?

If it is , can you tell me how to do it ?

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Do you have control on another network that is port forwarded ?

Theorically you can try to use a server on network you have access for your reverse shell (I don't know if it's possible with Metasploit, but if you're good at coding you can write a server that forward all received commands to multiple victims than return the result to you, quite like a botnet).

Otherwise, I'm afraid that the only other solution is to buy a public IP... I would rather buy another router : Public IP addresses cost quite a lot '-'.

I heard you can use VPN for port forwarding, is it possible?

Thanks a lot !!

Thanks, i found a way getting a VPN trial for 3 days in but thanks for the reply

What router do you have? Most home routers allow all outbound traffic. So strictly speaking you don't need port forwarding for a reverse shell. E.g. if you got say netcat/ncat running on the target set up as a reverse shell then no forwarding would be required.

It's not what the TC wants : He needs a perform a reverse over Internet. If you can configure your personal router tables to address private IP on your local inter-network, it's not the case of Internet routers that feature something called the NAT.

After some search I found a great way to do it
Go here
This site gives you a ovpn profile with open port as well as a static host.
The things requied for metasploit.

You can easily get a port forwarding feature with PureVPN. Nowadays, it offers 7 days trial with all premium features as well.

Got to .Port forwarding Link
Create configuration in either OpenVPN or by ssh.
Download file
Create Mapping rule .
insert your PC port you want to forward and run command that is recommended to you.
and DONE!....
This may help!.............................................

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