Forum Thread: Is There an Specific Range Distance?

ALFA AWUS036NHR long range wifi antenna can reach? Thank you so much... just wondering... planning to buy 1

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With a good yagi attenna, the range can be as far as 4km or 2.4 miles.

Depends on environmental variables. It has a good range but Microwaves, Atmosphere, Steel, RFI, Earth and a lot more can affect the signal.

Now bottom line its great and will work a lot better than your basic adapter.

Oh, yes, the Yagi antenna idea is a great one. :D Definitely make one!

The origonal Yagi Modeller

This is a really useful Yagi Uda array Modeler and making a Yagi Uda array is very easy and cheep. ^//^ Here is a guide on how to make one with large paper clips and Popsicle sticks! (Though do note the things that sarducci points out in the comments, as he is right..)

Guide with Paper Clips and Popsicle Sticks

remember to unlock its full power in kali settings(every country has a block on how much mW your card can output soo even if you have 2W it will work using 1.1 or something else

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