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Yes, here it is, the time of the year we have all been waiting for. The time where things are dropping in price faster then one might imagine. Let me explain what I mean, it is near mid November and it is almost December. That's right I am talking about Shopping Season. Well to head off this fantastic shopping season I have comprised a list of places to look for that gift for that special tech lover or a gift just for you and your computer. This list is based off of a consumer who lives in the United States, but most places should be able to mail out of country and to you.

Lets Get Started.

First off I am going to get the more well known ones out:

Newegg ( - Well almost everyone knows about Newegg and if you are looking for a nice computer to build yourself this is the prime place to look. They have prices dropping all the time and have the entire month of November full of discounts.

TigerDirect ( - Like Newegg but a little more "User Friendly". They have a "Daily Deal" function which allows for some even better discounts.

Amazon ( - Amazon will ship out of country but be warned you may not get it in time if you try to go for a 3rd party seller. They have tons of deals just waiting to be found. They have items ranging from Books and Kindles to Solid State Drives to Baby food (Shh, we won't tell your secret).

PC Part Picker ( - This website doesn't really sell items it just links you to other websites with that item allowing for you to build a great computer for a great low price.

BestBuy ( - Well not as great as Newegg or Amazon with their assortment of goods but you can actually go into a store and take it home the same day you bought it SHOCKER

ThinkGeek ( - More for the geek in your life or maybe your own inner geek. Have a thing for Doctor Who, Minecraft, or anything really geeky they probably have it.

If you have any other websites that you think should be added to this list please comment below.
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More quirky stuff.

I'm on there all the time and it didn't come to me when I was writing this, added =D.

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