Forum Thread: New Year, New FrogLegs

Alright, looks like there's a trend going on. So of course I gotta join in while eating Deep Fried Frog Legs, duh. o O

Anyway, so a New Year huh? Well than, what would y 'all expect from me, hmm? I honestly don't know at this point, but I can tell y 'all this much. First of all I don't want to make the same old boring guides that everyone always post because I'm a very creative person. Because of this factor I'm planning on posting some articles on creating some very unique malware that are meant to just annoy the hell out of a person. I'm currently working on several projects at the moment, including several password cracking programs in c++ whom I've also been working alongside with Phoenix750, shout out to him for a big thank you! I should be start posting those programs soon.

Here's a general list of what I'm planning on doing:

  • Password cracking techniques and programs- Ok so there are a ton of how-to articles out there for password cracking, but I'm planning on posting articles that are for how to get passwords using various methods and also writing your own password cracking tool that is both unique and also efficent.
  • Nyan Cat Malware- This is just a idea that I have decided to tackle as part of being creative and also to annoy people. (evil laugh)
  • Programs- Various howto's on coding in several languages... I have already started doing this with c++ but since I got so busy with life that I had to put it all on hold, but I am planning on picking up with it again and I got a few programs planned to tackle and teach to other's. My specialties are Visual Basic and C++, but in the future I am planning on learning Java, HTML, PHP, SQL, and a little bit of Python.
  • General Advice- General Advice to all you wannabe hacker's, like me. I believe that the best way to learn is from other's that are at the same level as you are. For example I'm still relatively new to hacking but I am willing to give advice to others who are new to the art, as I am.

Well, that's that... I'm planning on starting to actually be productive this year so please stay tuned.

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4 Responses

Hey I am just a beginner hacker and I know C,html and css .but after learning C I couldn't make any exploit using it,plz if you do a tutorial on making exploit with C then it will be very helpful to me.

An exploit is s program that uses a known weakness in an already existing program/service. So which weakness do you know of that you want use to write your own exploit for?

Thank you so much for D lagel and Shadow for replying.

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