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Yo Null Byte Community,

I was wondering, is there an operating system designed specifically for gaming (not including windows)?

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Yes and no, depends on what you are really looking for. I can get Skyrim to work in Linux via the Wine program and other games like Steam Source games via the same method. If you want an OS that is only for gaming then look at this list

I have downloaded the Ultimate Edition Gamer Version but have had no time to really test it but go for one you like and try it out.

thanks for the link, if it has anything with the efficiency of Ubuntu, it should be good.

Well the Ultimate Line of Distros are Ubuntu based but got a major overhaul by the creators. Most Ubuntu based distros are actually slowly moving away from Ubuntu. Now that I think about it most *based distros are moving away from their roots, like Chakra Linux its a Arch Linux base but is moving on to it's own thing now.

hmmm. so does that mean that Ubuntu may soon become obsolete?

Maybe in 20 or so years but a decent part of the Linux community started with Ubuntu. Heck more than 20 years because most servers of anything that run Linux have / had Ubuntu on them at one point and time, I know private game servers like Minecraft Servers etc... mainly run Ubuntu.

wow, ok. thank's for the history. I'll be back... with more questions!

That's what we are here for, I remember when I first started using Linux I didn't like all the abilities to customise it believe it or not it was too much for someone who has used Windows for years. Then I came across Linux and installed it onto a VBox when I was say 11, then I fell in love with it but was only able to use it in VBox as my brothers and I shared a desktop computer and they hated when someone changed even the desktop background. 

hahaha, I have no siblings sadly (it really does get lonely sometimes, count your blessings), but i hear where you're coming from. seriously, when i first was introduced to puppy Linux through a bootable CD (didn't even know how to do even that till a really helpful guy at radioshack showed me how), i was sooo confused. terminal, what's that? oh, like MSDOS... wait, i run programs from this thing?!?! wait, it is a whole lot less frustrating than MSDOS? what a revelation!

I don't think that Ubuntu will be becoming obsolete any time soon… That said, with so many branches to choose from and more popping up fairly often, at some point you'ld think the userbase would fall off. Or perhaps smaller branches will die and the bigger ones will just keep getting bigger. Hard to say and only time will tell. I know this gets posted from time to time, but it seems appropriate here:

Birdandbear makes a logical point. Maybe when more and more people get connected to computers around the world, and the word of Linux gets out, some of these off-shoots will die off or grow bigger. Critical mass has to be reached first though.

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