Forum Thread: Paid "Background" Sites

As in background searching "find this person and their background"

Have any of you ever tried them out? I have on two of them. I don't remember which ones but it gave fairly accurate info. Nothing to really write home about. It cost me around $3usd to do 24 hours of searching. The problem is most of the InformTion is vague.

5 listings of the same names with middle initial missing and age 30-33 for instance. BUT it lists RELATIVES so by SOCIAL-En I could figure out the right person to "purchase info on"

Has anyone used this type of information gathering before? And which is your favorite?

Also. I want to clarify somwthing. I have mentioned in the past that the reason I was on here was to try to crack a website profile of my girlfriend's because a friend of mine saw my girl on a niche' dating site.

Fortunately for me I was able to just be honest with her and ask her what was up. It turns out I was right. She was on there. And she admitted it. BUT she said she hadn't been on there in years. So I did about 5 minutes of "newb" browsing and her profile had t been "active" since 4 weeks before we became "official".

I want to thank you guys for telling me to just ask. And I want to thank one other who shall remain silent for help on the "last login"

PROBLEM IS I AM HOOKED! I'm 33 years old. I have a decent job and I do pretty well at it. But my life long dream has to bet into the thin line of white/black. Which way I lean. I can't honestly say. Because I don't know/

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2 Responses

There was a question in all of this but then I just went on a tangent about the love of my life. Sorry guys.

Knowledge is neither black nor white. It's what you make of it that makes the difference. So keep learning, and you will find your way along the road. If you keep walking on that thin line you will get the best of both... let's be honest, blackhats are always way ahead, so if you think like a bad guy, and act like a good one, you will be ahead on both, you will stay legal and get a good salt for your job.

I'm also glad you made your talk with her and clarified the situation, but for the background sites I can be of no help... never used any.

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