Forum Thread: Possible to Hack an iPhone?

Hi everyone,

I'm new here. I'm not a hacker nor have ambitions to become one, but I still have a question that - I think - can be answered best particularly by users of Null byte.

I hope I can make myself clear enough, despite my English - it's not my first language, I'm German. :)

Well, I have a feeling someone might have hacked my iPhone. Not just one app or account on it, but the whole device. Since I'm not that tech-savvy, I just don't know how to figure out whether this is possible or not.

Can someone tell me if it's possible to hack an iPhone (7), and take control of the whole device? Not just spying on what the owner is doing at a particular moment, but also opening apps, change settings in e-mail accounts, make a personal back up, et cetera?

As far as I know my iPhone is not jailbroken , but sometimes I forget to install the newest iOS, so it is possible my phone wasn't totally up-to-date. If someone indeed hacked my device, it's done from a distance, maybe someone lured me into clicking on a attachment or link, but I can't remember such things.

I hope someone can help me out!

Best regards,

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Hi Alex,

Thanks for your reply! Yes, I already did a reset (in iTunes), thanks for your advice. So the potential malware should be gone, but I am still a bit worried what could potentially have happened before I did the reset.

So that's why I was wondering if it's even possible to hack (or install malware on) an iPhone. And if so, what the hacker potentially could have been doing with my device. :-)


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