Forum Thread: What Is in a Name?

As a newbie who likes to write Python scripts, I'd like to know if there are "rules" for naming scripts. Since I'm not creative, I have trouble naming scripts.

Even if this is a silly question, it would be interesting to know how everyone here names their own scripts (e.g. from inspiration, randomly, etc.).

P.S. Please let me know if this post has no relevance to Null Byte.

Thank you for reading.

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I sometimes mix the first letters of the name like:
r y c
o t r
t h i
o o p
t n t
y t

So the name would give me: pps

If you are not creative, simply name what it does. For example, if you make a Python script which uses AES encryption to encrypt data, name it IMO, you should only create "creative" names ("Metasploit", "Nmap", "Hydra") if it is a reasonably decent-sized project and may be released to the public.

I just name my scripts based on what they do. pyNetcat etc.

Use camel case when naming things. It makes it more readable.
is more readable than:

Other than that I like to use very specific names such as:

The last thing you want to do is scratch your head and wonder what a script or program does.

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