Forum Thread: Where We All Started/Stories.

Well well well... I am back again posting more terrible stuff! Anyway, I wanted to start a discussion about (and I know there are a thousand of these) how you started and some stories you may have. I want to hear from you guys! Mine was when I was in 7th Grade I hacked the school computer systems. There is a tut on my page about it, and it still works today! But I want to hear from you guys so go ahead! -August

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I had always been fascinated by technology and felt a strong connection towards the hackers portrayed in many hollywood movies. I decided to put my determination to use and in 5th grade I created a hacking group made up of close friends. We send encoded messages to one another and planned our first big hack: Hacking Japan.

None of us even knew how to access the internet, so as you can guess, we never even did anything. Nonetheless it was a fun experience and later events sparked my curiosity in game design, which led to programming, even many other interesting things that just kept pushing me to hacking.

Was installing tons of different Linux Distro's when I came across Kali Linux, did some SQLMAP after that succesfully on some weird site. Was amazed by the fact that it actually worked. Realized I didn't understand SQLMAP for shizzle and learned manual SQLi.

I searched how to hack a wifi network (probably how a lot of people started), and found nullbyte. Exciting story, no?

Amazing story JSchmoe, thanks for sharing!

  1. Found my brothers BackTrack distro.
  2. Curious.
  3. Googled it.
  4. Realized its potential.
  5. Started learning.
  6. Never looked back again.

S'all about the Batch "viruses" mates. That was the hype back in my day.

I had posts about that when I was new. Then I made a post that got negative responses and pretended I was trolling because I didnt know how to delete a post.

On of my previous employers upgraded from a seriously old "green screen" system to Windows. This was the early nineties. Working late one night I realised that if I opened Cardfile (anyone remember that?) I could select the identity number of other staff members and access their Cardfiles. Unfortunately the Boss of the entire building had used his Cardfile to record his personal thoughts on the capabilities of all of his senior managers. To this day I remember one being described as "thorough, but a bit of a plodder". Once the shit hit the fan about that the access was locked down.

Shortly thereafter the head nobjobs decided that staff were spending too much time playing solitaire so blocked access, but without removing it completely. A small amount of faffing about later resulted in staff opening Object Packager (anyone remember that), clicking insert, command line, and then typing "sol.exe". Click on that and hey, ho, off you go.

Thus was born a curiosity for accessing things that people would really rather I didn't.

I met this kid named The Defalt in class in college and its been all down hill from there. (Or up depending on how you look at it.)

Well... I hacked my home wifi and started chatting with other hackers. We formed a group called Senkah but we failed miserably. I eventually got caught doing hacks and well, almost got sent to jail but of course my luck came in and saved my life. Ever since then my mom and I have been on better terms about it since I pretty much told her "I won't stop doing this Sh*". Now I've teamed up with a fellow hacker and hacked my school, but of course I got caught, again. Thanks Spyware. Now I'm back to hacking my school even further and getting backlash from my classmates. Wow, thanks sis for spilling the beans on me. The point here I guess is, well my story is filled with getting caught and doing it again.

But let me back up a bit. I started to get interested in computers when I was ten and playing webkinz, remember those old times? Anyway, when I was around thirteen I was obsessed with Minecraft and my library held a modding class session for like three weeks. That was when I was first introduced to coding and from then on forward I found other hackers and this forum. Of course, my story is a whole lot longer but I'm planning on posting the rest up some time soon. Hope y'all enjoyed reading my story and I would just like to say, I'M BACK. :)

Same. I was low-key looking for someone like me XD.

It all started when I decided to learn Python one day. I was looking for help on an issue I'd run up against when I stumbled on a post here on Null Byte. I started looking around and I was instantly hooked.


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