Forum Thread: YO, I Am New

i am justing starting and i need to know some of the basics in this "area".
My english is bad btw, so, can you guys be simple?

ps: sry for bad engrish

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First of all ty for the atention and congratulations for your work!

there is a problem, i am a windows user.
If i use Cygwin tu get the linux command line, it will work?

I strongly suggest that you install Kali Linux as dual boot or in a VM if you want any success in this field.

I completely agree, and I would especially recommend VM because of snapshots and the general easiness. I find that dual boot can sometimes get messy.


yup, dual boot its kinda hard to me, but i am using VMWare, is it good?

You can also boot from usb, without messing with your current primary os installation. I also use VMWare, it's workable with most of things, but when it comes to use all the hardware (like gpu for hashing or network card) you are limited, like Phoenix said. So I just boot from usb: no trace, no problem.

Welcome to Null Byte, please start by reading my article here. It has some helpful links to other articles that I feel are suitable for newbies, as well as a quick rundown on how we do things here.

I'd also recommend to just buy a large USB, like 32gb and run Kali Linux through persistence.


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