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Hi, I'm making some decisions in my new build, and an interesting one is the monitor setup that I'm gonna look at 16/7 at least! So, I'm interested in having some of your experiences with 23-25" 1080p, and 27" 1440p!

I'm interested in having two monitors, for better multitasking experience. The main advantage in 1440p (in my ooint of view) is the more space for more windows open at once. But my big concern, is the text size, as i don't want to end up increasing the font size! Also, i'm not sure if it's worth the price premium!

So kindly, can you share your experience with these both resolutions/screen size ? (Other screen resolutions are accepted in this discussion). And if it's worth the extra (much higher) price! Thanks in advance.

Note: Those 2 mobitors won't be used for gaming, or video editing, they will be used only for programming/hacking.
Note #2: I will use the same monitor setup with the same monitors in the above image. The monitor is the Asus MX27AQ.

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If you have the space and the money, get the bigger monitor with higher resolution.

Thank you.
Note: The post has been updated.

I would only buy / suggest 2 x 24" 1080p monitors. The rest is overkill

thank you. Now I'm confused, someone advises me to get as bigger resolution as i can, but someone else advises me to just get 2 1080p! I can't make a decision!

Ask yourself this, why NOT get the larger screens?

I always appreciate the larger workspace when using higher resolution screens. I cant stand messing around with moving windows and minimizing / maximizing windows on a smaller screen.

You are totally right :) Thank you. Btw, in my case, kali linux will be my main os, not windows.
I have another question about this build posted, can you check it please ? :D

Yeh I guessed you would be running Kali. When I said 'windows', I meant actual program windows, like the terminal / firefox.

I'll check it out :)

2 screens is fine, run a WindowManager on it and you're good to go. Try i3wm

i want no more than 2 screens, my question was about the screen resolution, not how many screens!

Hey Bara, just thought I'd share my experience I've had so far with my dual monitor setup, I bought 2 Asus 27 inch 1080 LCD's on Amazon. I just set them up yesterday and they are truly amazing. If you are not a gamer than these two would be great for the price, because they would allow for some gaming once in a while! But in terms of productivity and multi tasking these are awesome! Here is a link if you are interested, I believe there is a mail-in rebate as well!

Thanks! I'm glad to hear your experience.

What i read about 1920p 27" monitors is that the pixels appear easily, also, i don't think that the monitor size is what indicates the workspace, i think the resolution is what indicates it! So there will be no workspace difference between 27" and 24" at 1080p resolution! Even worse, the 27" one will show pixels clearer (i hate seeing the text pixels!), and the monitor itself will be just bulkier and heavier, and more expensive, FOR THE SAME WORKSPACE!!!

Also, UNFORTUNATELY I'm a competitive skilled fps player, so i think i will go with 144hz 1080p 24", and another 1080p 60hz ~24" . (in addition to that, going with 1080p 60hz monitor for gaming when i have a top of the market gpu just doesn't make sense!)

Please Don't get me wrong, i appreciate your opinion and experience, i just told you what i think about it! no offense!

Yeah no problem, the thing is most of us thought this was for hacking! You should of mentioned that you gamed on it! But in that case you are defiantly better off going with 144hz.

Actually it doesn't make sense that you are now saying you are a gamer, but in your original post you mention its not for gaming, it's for hacking and programming. So I'm sorry but I don't know what your are looking for.

I hope you find what you are looking for!

My bad! The main reason i don't want 27" 1080p is because it doesn't make sense for me, not because i want to game on it!

Actually, when i wrote the post,i thought i can just leave gaming, but it turned out that i can't, that's why i change my needs! Sorry!

No worries! Good luck!

Also just a little tip, you shouldn't need anything special for hacking! Linux is a wonderful OS that can run on virtually anything! My set up use to be a single 17 inch monitor with 720p, even that was great! Saved up some money and now I have a beautiful set up! In my opinion!

I hope you watch out for my build when i finish researching and deciding!

Good luck, and happpy hacking bro :D

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