Forum Thread: Adware Attack ;-;

This isn't some "help me im hacked!!!" post, but just a general note about the ever so growing adware problem.

For so long I have ignored ad blockers, anti-spyware programs, and other useful software simply because I never had adware. Until today..logging in I discover page after page of advertisements for webcams and other unsavory and subtle sites.

So this serves as a warning for all of you; keep your security software up to date.

Note: I had a "funmoods" toolbar as the root cause of my adware. You will likely never get it unless you visit a shady site.. :/

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That's why I don't download toolbars... the Ask toolbar is just trouble.

Tool bars of any sort are bad news 9/10 times. Unless this is ice weasel and we just made the toolbar(wink). I would have great fear now of overall OPSEC. I have been telling people forever stay away from those sites unless you have good defense. No defense and 100% sure to have something. Adware is a main vector now days and who will complain to about getting scum ware from sites you want nobody to know you visit.


  1. Revo uninstaller pro
  2. Ccleaner tech edition
  3. Malwarebytes anti-exploit pro
  4. Malwarebytes anti-malware premium
  5. Custom host file to block adware with out any plugins.

Hardware or VM solution:
Sophos UTM Firewall.

I'd use AdwCleaner to get them off, and get a good AV.

In my Windows machine I have Panda Free Antivirus, MalwareBytes free edition, and ZoneAlarm Free Firewall. I believe they make a good combination together, but it's up to the user's common sense to ultimately get protected against those things.

Oh and it affected everything on my network. So that's a pain too.

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