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Hello guys,recently i'm getting unknown apps installed on my iphone..Not just any apps.they are apps like the game mortal kombat,Avira antivirus,Damn daniel,etc...I had this before so i new formatted my iphone,erased everything.after i logged in the same apple id ofc..again with strange apps.I don't know if my apple id was hacked cause i don't think this is possible.I used it only on my phone,it's not even jailbroken.Please someone reply to me as soon as possible can my iphone be hacked?And if yes,in which way it is,adware or malware accesing ur pics calls camera.i logged in the same apple id on 2 phones but apps like that weren't on them..why on my phone?

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Only explanation I can think of is, malware. Try running a virus scanner and see what that shows up. Hope that helps. :)

dude i formatted my iphone 100 times how can that be a virus?

Have you tried testing for a virus? Either that or it's a big bug, which is unlikely since it's well apple...

man antivirus these days became bullsht tbh...even if they show its clean u can't trust them for sure and what reason to use antivirus if everything is erased

iCloud tends to do some odd things to your phone. If someone using your Apple ID or yourself have downloaded these apps before, iCloud will sometimes install the app on all phones signed in with that ID, every time the app gets an update. Turn off iCloud (in System Settings), that should do the trick.

but i had another apple id before when i installed some of the apps

That sounds a bit odd. If i were you i'd give it a try, what's there to lose?

Here's my final suggestion:

  1. change your password to your apple id
  2. Factory reset your phone (yes again)
  3. Run a virus scanner, yes it seems a bit bull but if you want to understand technology then you need to assume all possibilities even if they seem unlikely, especially unlikely should you assume it.

ty,but im kinda scared to use any apple id,this thing made me paranoid.

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