Forum Thread: Any IT-Experts Here?

I have changed ISP and come to realize they do not offer Port Forwarding. I spoke to support staff at my ISP and was told I would need an additional router, and any other options would need to be advised by an IT-expert. Since that is beyond their knowledge. I was hoping you have a solution for me to port forward my router without having to buy another one.

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if your ISP does not forward port,why dont move to one with supports??
you could try using a vpn which offers port forwarding...

Agreed. A VPN usually does the trick with port forwarding. But really, why don't you change to an ISP that supports it? Or is there some superior reason to stay?

Regardless, here's a few VPNs to look into for port forwarding:

These are all paid VPN services so if you don't like the inconvenience of paying extra to open ports then I would recommend changing to an ISP that supports what you need.


Generally changing ISP before a contract expires brings early cancellation fees which can be quite hefty; not to mention the new sign up fees and general messing about.

He didn't do his homework for the ISP he changed to, or missed key bits of information, and is now trying to find a solution.

Typoguy; who is the ISP you've gone with? What is the model number of the router they supplied you?


Correct me if I'm wrong, but can't you port forward without the help of an ISP?

I know the router's have an interface on the localhost, so it makes sense that the ISP would have to give you a router that has those options, but aren't there other ways of doing it?

I was advised to buy an additional router to connect to the router I already have. However I dont know how to set that up so I will have to look into that.

Your router needs to be able to do port forward. As long as your ISP is not blocking any ports, then its all up to you and your router. It would help us if we knew what router you had, then me or someone else may be able to assist you.

Also I don't see how having a second router will help you when one router can do the same job on its own. I think you either misunderstood the person you spoke too or they were smoking crack at the time.

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