Forum Thread: An Apology

I just want to apologize. My name is AugustFackYou and I really like null byte. But I wasted all of your time when I made a trolling post and i just want to apologize for that. Thank you.

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Your apology is accepted, August.

I hope you will continue in our wonderful community in the spirit within which it operates. That is, kindness, patience and sharing.

Apology accepted.

Misbehaving is one thing, but actually admitting you were wrong takes a lot of strength. I am impressed by that, August.

Like OTW said, I too hope you will stick with us here on Null Byte.


Glad you thought it through.
Have fun here on Null Byte!

Don't sweat it man, make mistakes and we move on. I for one live in the moment.

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