Forum Thread: How Bad Can Routersploit Be for the Victim?

A few months back, a friend of mine (Call her Remi) had a guest at her house who was looking for a quick buck (Let's call him Jack). Jack discovers a craigslist add, asking people to SELL their facebook accounts.(Instant red-flag for anyone with a brain, I think.) So, Jack being a simple mind folk, needing money for whatever simple minded folks need money for, decides to give a stranger his facebook information. After this, I assume Jack's phone was compromised and then my friend's router was hijacked as Remi begins to get many different emails about people changing her account passwords and setting up 2FA before she can revert it back, another has been changed. Then the scary part starts. The attacker hacked her phone and displayed the message "Furry Bitch" on her lock screen, her password had been changed to "Furry Bitch" and her home screen displayed the text "You'll never get me out of your phone." He owned her facebook, microsoft and xbox live accounts and to this day she has not been able to recover them. This has made me wonder for my own cyber safety. Which makes me ask:

In the event that a router has been compromised via Routersploit, would the person in control hypothetically be able to access computers connected to it without any user input?

For instance, if someone were to break into my router while I was at school, could they break into my IP security cameras, or other web-cams/ or even computers (without any interaction from me) and then be able to watch me walk in the front door? I may be misguided but It seems like so long as I personally do not download anything malicious or go to any suspicious websites I should be in the clear?

Any info or opinions anyone has about the attack and if my fear is too irrational, please respond.

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  1. As Im aware its not possible to exploit a router without accessing the victims wifi ( So if you go to school the attacker must come to your house and crack your wifi password and then exploit your router).
  2. Yes, he can break into your security cameras ( even without exploiting your router if he wants to, read a post for hacking CCTV cameras here in Null-Byte).
  3. Im not sure if he can exploit you PC without your interaction.
  • Hope this helps :)

Actually helps quite bit :)

I was going to reply but I have nothing to add, that answer is perfect

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