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As my heading suggest which is the best programming language for creation of OS. My main motto is to create very interactive , high graphical support and very fast, OS . But I think c++ somehow decrease the performance of the vomputer. Actually its the fact that if we increase the appearance of the OS the performance is also decrease. So how i deal with that problem without upgrading the hardware to ultra , that means I want to make the OS which also work on the computers that has 4 gb ram and i3 or quite lower processor with great appearance and performance.

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I hope u understand that what I am trying to say.

"I want to make the OS which also work on the computers that has 4 gb ram and i3 or quite lower processor with great appearance and performance".

Ubuntu, Mint, Elementary, Fedora....

In answer to your question, the language that is most useful to know when creating an OS is most probably assembly. It is low-level and often interacts directly with the hardware, as its instructions are similar to the architecture's instructions.

In creating an OS, it really isn't all about one language. It really depends on what the task is, how sophisticated you want the OS to be, there are infinite factors. You should check this out and that might give you a better idea of where and how to start.

I do tell you, though, that it is a tough task and it isn't for everyone. A lot of knowledge is needed prior to development, and it doesn't just happen overnight. Other than that, good luck with finding your way through this lengthy maze.


I'd suggest to check out Linux From Scratch. Creating an entire OS from scratch that works with all the complexity of todays standards is not really a one man job. Especially if you want the OS to have a different architecture then windows or UNIX/Linux. Just the drivers alone is one hell of a job.

It is curious seeing how some ideas keep coming back. You may be interested on BeOS. The original project died many years ago, put there is a Open Source version still trying to keep the original idea alive. So you could start looking to Haiku (and maybe contribute to the project, and learn some Japanese poetry). It uses C++.

Overall, most of the OSes out there are written in C. You may find some assembler for the lower level code, but everybody tries to avoid that... basically you need an special assembler version for each platform.

If you really want to write a OS, start reading "Operating Systems: Design and Implementation", to get a good overview of what you will have to do. That book includes the source code of MINIX, so you will not just read theory. you will see how to implement all those ideas. Minix is a microkernel though.

An i3 with 4Gb is a beast from the OS point of view. No decent OS will take any CPU cycle it does not really need. The problem with performance is at the application level, and the OS cannot do much to help there.

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