Forum Thread: Can We Send Apk File Which Install in Android without users notice and Then Send Us Audio File and Record Every Bit of

like i have andoid mob now that type of apk is install on my mob so it will record all sound like if im talking to someone on call. or im talking to someone who is near me(infront of me) it will record every bit of sound and send it to me when my mob connect to internet.

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The apk your thinking of can easily be acomplished with metasploit. Obviously the payload android/meterpreter/reverse underscore tcp. There are plenty of tutorials on doing that here but the trick is hiding it. I'm not sure if it is possible to remotely upload and install as to my knowledge you would need to social engineer them or have physical access to it. This video pretty much explains how to build a spyphone (not the movie sense but a meterpretered exploit that will give you access to well anything.) But there are some drawbacks. 1. If they read what android states the app will use such as idk sending messages or cost to your bill alarm bells, most will do it without blinking but you get the point. This video is old and I have not watched the whole thing (personal life and wat-not). I think it uses a java exploit but to me the functions where extremly similar to the same functions in a metasploit reverse tcp.

hy bro i have created an apk. now the question arises. how can i remotely install this app to victicms phone?. victim should'nt know that i have installed the app in his oe her phone.

Hey bro can u share that apk with me please

Did he ever share the APK app with you? I would like it also , if you have it can you share it with me? How can I install it remotely onto targets phone without them knowing?

For safety and security, Android implements a precaution whereby a user must consent to the data an application can access and/or use before any installation, usually by viewing the permissions screen and pressing the install button manually.

Trying to bypass this is tricky and your options are limited. You would need to either have temporary physical access and install the app yourself, or you could social engineer the victim, as Mozes correctly pointed out, although that isn't really a bypass as the user is aware that something is being installed on their device. The third and hardest option is to find a vulnerability on the phone and remotely exploit it to gain root access, then you can install all the apps you like, whether silently, through the installer or by any other means. This is less feasible and you are likely not to use it, but it is still an option.


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