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I had a question that I wanted to see if anyone has encountered or heard of. At my work 2 devices had all search results in Google Chrome redirect. On the desktop all image search results would come up with large people. On a Chromebook any search result came back with porn. Unfortunately someone wiped out the desktop so I was unable to get my hands on it to look it over. The systems are generally locked down (the desktop by GPO) and the Chromebook by Google admin. Anyone run into this before? Also the workstations are Windows 7, 8, 8.1 Thanks

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Did you have a chance to test with other browsers ? Was it just chrome or all other browsers had same results ? It could have been someone in the same network playing a prank with MiTM (google search is always on SSL, but there are ways around it..) or some browser extension.

Haven't encountered such problem before, but it wouldn't take much to write an extension to modify all search images to fatty porn.

That's a little hard to say. The original computer that it was reported on was reloaded before I could take a look at it unfortunately. The other unit was a Chromebook that I am still waiting for it to come back to look at so in the mean time I wanted to see if anyone encountered or heard of something like this while I was waiting. That does give me some places to look further into though, thank you

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