Forum Thread: How to Create Your Own Zombie Website.

This post is going to teach you guys on how to create your own zombie websites for exploiting peoples browsers, getting ip addressses, downloading files on target computers, really anything you want to do.


DISCLAIMER: this is in no way meant to encourage people to hack. anything you come across is of your own doing.

Step 1: Get a Text-Editor

Getting a text-editor is probably the easiest steps of this tutorial. All you have to do is
download one or just use the pre-installed ones on your Operating System.
Here are a couple you might like:

  1. Atom text editor really interactive and simple
  3. Brackets is similar to atom in the way that it is interactive but a little more complex and professional. I suppose.
  5. finally we come to my favorite, the one in 200 and none, Visual Studio Code.

This text-editor is probably the best one I have used so far in my career. It is very simple and the color and file themes are amazing. really try it out just for the fun of it.

Step 2: Creating the Files.

Just open up the text-editor of choice and create a new file with a name that you like.

make sure at the end of your name you end of the file with a dot or . and then add this

"html", This file extension is basically telling the computer that this file is going to be a website or a html website. If you guys would like to learn about file extensions and how to code with programming languages to create cool applications just comment down below what you want next!

Step 3: Putting the Code

All you guys have to do is copy and paste the content inside the <code>programming code </code> tags.
Then just paste it into the file, save it , run and voila! Zombie Hacking Website!!!
<!DOCTYPE html>
<title> title of your page </title>
// this basically tells how many times you are going to download the file
for(var i = 0; i < number Of Downloads; i++) {
function download() {
var download = document.createElement('a'); = ' '; = 'prank.html';
download.dispatchEvent(new MouseEvent('click'));

here are a couple of things you can do with this =

  1. alter the code a bit and get your girlfriends gmail password.
  2. Bully at school? deal with him the hillarious way. (overload his browser with constant downloads).
  3. Think about the possibilities.

Reality Check: If you guys do not know what you are doing and try and hack someone without their permission you can get into really big trouble so make sure this is just an experiment. I hope to hear from you guys in the comment section below! Until next time!

(every 3 days I post 2 times that day.)

if you guys would like to see my other discussion on file extensions and the future of what we will talk about click this link :;

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For everyone else who wants more complicated tutorials on programming and sophisticated Artificial intelligence I will publish Programming tutorials on HTML, CSS PHP and more next time I publish. Love you all peace out!

Yo this is actually pretty useful and it would be very neat if you could show case creating a "hidden" chat room that only a few people you allow can go on or it has a password lock to it. I don't know if it is possible but it probably can be created because it's coding anything is possible right :D

Sure no Problem, I will have it out soon! thanks for the feedback!
I make a article every three days and a mini article on sundays. so expect one soon!

make sure to tell your friends about this project. Also If you would like I have another short article about file extensions which explains pretty well how to understand them. here is the link :

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