Forum Thread: Decisions, Decisions.

I'm sure most of you are aware of the recent incident that has happened regarding OTW and his leave of Null Byte.

Many users have voiced that they are going to leave the community, and OTW already scoffed on twitter that NB is now dead.

12 hours ago OTW posted on twitter that a new home for Null Byte will be announced, and the release of it will likely render this community even further.

I for one will be staying here (and make a semi-useful post once a year) but I will probably check up on the new community as well.

As far as I can tell, NB was formed 4 years ago. Since then it has grown to become one of the largest communities on the internet. (With over 10,000 members!)

Truly, I hope many of you stay here to work with the community and continue to help it grow.

Oh and I'm just gonna drop this here,14_IE1269742.htm?jl=1827071141&sbPid=62701&utm_content=buffer0fdf5&utm_medium=social&

Don't worry about the future. WHT will find someone new to come here and continue the legacy that has been built up.

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This is just me thinking and I don't know why OTW refused to sign the renewed contract but I would really like to know though. I respect that the owner of this site says he wouldn't tell about it if OTW don't share it first since OTW probably got a good reason not to tell it. But I am not sure that I want to support a site that doesn't treat their employees so well. But as said before I don't know what they disagreed on and if WHT can keep the quality on the same level then I would probably stay here but still also go on the other site.

I was drawn to this site by the incredibly detailed, thorough and practical tutorials provided by OTW. Many notable others provide articles demonstrating similar levels of proficiency (I won't name you, you know who you are) but I can't help but feel that this community will be losing a significant contributor who will be very difficult to replace. I'll always be lurking around NB but am interested to see where OTW plys his trade next.

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