Forum Thread: How Do Those Android "Modding/Hacking" Apps Work?

Like you know those android apps for rooted android devices, where you enter a value and it changes the value of something ingame?

i.e. "Enter Value: 99999999"
Gold is now set to 99999999

Its not that I'm trying to mod any games/apps, I'm just curious as to how they work. Do they just change the XML values within an app's files? or does it send some type of request to the app server?

(btw, I know this isn't really hacking least I don't think, sorry about that)

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I'm not into game modding myself, but I think those app you refer to are just patchers that hook and look into app's runtime memory for given values and allow you to change them.

There is no XML editing, this would allow for a repackage of the app with the given values, instead they need the game to be already running to make their magic, kind like the old Gameshark.

They check the values in the memory or database in the game. Depends from app to app, on what exactly would it do.

But mostly it's the runtime memory, as Triphat said. They usually work like the Cheat Engine. But I do know some that work differently, so I wouldn't support it completely. But still, that's true for the majority like GameCIH and Game Hacker.

-The Joker

Actualy flash the android firmware befor 6.0.1 should be 5.0 or similar. cause even 6.0.1 had issues with some root apps not working because they started fighting back. I miss the days where you could go on your phone makers official website and get full info on rooting there phones. Those days are now over.

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