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hi guys.
for download video from instagram without tools you only follow :

Step 1: Show Video in Your Account for Cache on Your Phone.

Step 2: Go to This Path: Android>Data>>Cache>Video

Step 3: You See Any File by .Clean Format.

Step 4: Change .Clean Format to .mp4

Step 5: Watch Video

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shouldn't this be in the "how to" section?

You don't need to do this to download instagram video from your Android phone.
Just copy the url of video and Go to
Now, You have to paste url in the textbox of this website.
After that you can save your video from Instagram!

Downloading Instagram videos on Android devices is much easier than saving Instagram videos on PC or iOS devices because there are plenty of online Instagram video downloader,free video downloading app, and various other ways available for Android platform.

Solution 1: Use Your File Manager

Opening your android File Manager app and navigating to Android>Data>>Cache>Video folder.

Change the .clean extension of the video files to .mp4

That's it. Now video file will be saved on your android.

Solution 2 : Video Downloader for Instagram

Solution 3: PostGraber – Download Instagram Videos

Solution 4: Dredown – Online Video Downloader

By following these methods, you can easily download all your favorite Instagram videos on Android devices.


I hope it helped you.


This was very helpful! Thank you! Edit: That's it, I'm disabling comments. I don't want the "use this website if you want more followers". It's really pointless because I don't want to use a website for followers.

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