Forum Thread: ExploitBox Issue

Hi guys, I don't know if this is the right section to ask this kind of question, if it's not the right one I'm kindly asking the moderators to take it elsewhere.

So my question is, I'm trying to use the new exploit by Dawid Golunski

Now, since I'm not beginner but also not advanced user in kali, I'm having some issues with IP addresses and port forwardings...

I'm using Kali on Virtual Machine (VirtualBox) and I've set the port forwarding for the IP addresses given in the virtualbox (ifconfig).

Since that didn't worked I've made a DNS on no-ip, but stil failed. On virtualbox I'm using NAT and bridget connection, but stil I don't get the reverse connection to the server.

I've set-up the script and made a payload to the server, but stil...can't get a reverse connection, can anyone please help me out to solve this issue?

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