Forum Thread: Fix the Hole?

I recently received a Pen-test result that I would like a little help from the experts here in patching the hole. It appears that Some industrial equipment has a firmware issue leaving port 17185 open to the public. This has been identified as VxWorks debugger. while it would take some time and possibly some re-engineering here to just replace this equipment I thought there might be a few back door possibilities as to closing the port.

I know this is the best place to find the finest minds in the hacking community.
So I believe we should be able to solve this issue.

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3 Responses

Could you install a dedicated firewall device to filter access to the open port? Also watch it vigilantly. This is not a permanent solution, but could offer security until the hole is patched.

Leaving a needless port open to the public is never a good idea. That should be accessible just from a network segment that is authorized to operate it. You could insert a rule in your IDS (or firewall) to alert/block traffic or just monitor in case you want to find out if it's been leveraged for an attack.

Moreover, here are some of the things you might want to check out.

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