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I'm working on a c++ program and I'm using g++ compiler, but I keep getting the same error something along these lines 'unqualified-id for '{' token', The point here is either how do I ignore it or find a solution. Anything will help but I should mention that prior to this post I did extensive research on Google and found no solution so please don't point me to a website. Please and thanks. :)

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"I know that my code is correct because why wouldn't it be?"

Not to sound unkind, but if it was correct, it wouldn't produce an error like this.
It seems to be a rather small syntax-error though. Maybe there's a redundant stream or a missing semicolon.

The code-snippet would really help.


It is flawed reasoning to think that there is something wrong with the compiler and not your code. Invariably, there is something wrong with your code.

Ok... figuered it out. :)

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