Forum Thread: Hack a Smart Tv?

is there any way to "hack" and television? not a normal one, but a smart, since it is connected to the wifi?

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It's possible but not nessessarily probable. Find out what Operating system it runs. Search for exploits for that OS. See if it's vulnerable to any exploits.

If it runs Android, see if you can install 3rd party apps. If so, you could create a malicious app and run it on the TV.

Samsung TVs often run Tizen which is known to be vulnerable.

thanks alot!
I'll see if it'll work!

How should i find the company of the tv??? And is linux os and Android are different or same...????

It's an Android TV, Android is based off of Linux but with a modified kernel, this metasploit hack is the same thing you can easily do to most Android phones, it creates the payload as an APK file which you then install and it connects back to whatever ip address you set it to beforehand, such as your computer which has a listener waiting for it to connect back, once it does boom you have a she'll into their system.

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