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so my isp is always changing ip address which is a deal breaker for me because I won't be able to access previous payload i created ...pls is there a way out

NB-i use modem not router

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Some clarification for no-ip

You need a dynamic DNS service that will track the changes to your public IP address and update the chosen host/domain name registered on

I use and my current router has built in support so I don't have to run any other software. It is a paid service but is way cheaper than paying for business static IP from a ISP.

Yes, your isp always tracking with your IP address, As well as companies also retargeting ads with your IP address, So I request to hide your IP address with VPN or proxy, but I recommend to use the IP checking tool to confirm that your VPN is working or not.

Yes there's a way out, like for eg. in real world what actually happens is that an attacker, has always a fear of getting caught, so what they do is that, either they will use a VPS, or either they would use an already compromised PC or server or a botnet to connect to that payload or they would simply create a server through onion routing, or you can simply say that setting up a forum as a COC server that the payload may automatically connects to. Any of These 4 ways might help you out with IP issue and getting traced back issue too.

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