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I have a iPad 3 and i was wondering how can i start hacking with it.Or if i can.

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you can't for as far as i know. but that's just me, i don't use apple products. i could be wrong.


Here is an article from Ciuffy that covers your question.

It is right. However the tools are getting pretty outdated,they are still hardly ever maintained.

Jail breaking is a start, otherwise you can't do much.

And that's why I like android!

Eh, I respect Apple as a company, but they do tend to keep people away from the core.

As far as I am concerned, you may install tools FROM the iNinja repository, but they are not designed to work on an iPad, only an iPhone or iPad. Of course, you can only obtain through a jailbreak.

However, you can hack with Android. This is especially good because Android can be rooted and has can obtain a linux-based command line. If you use a Google Nexus, you can install Kali Nethunter, the mobile version of the pentesting Linux distro Kali Linux. Also the Google Play store isn't so strict, like Apple's App store, and I remember there are some certain apps you can get that can teach you penetration testing, unlike Apple, who bans anything that relate to hacking.

i have a ipad 3 too, and its pretty much impossible as far as i know.
If i was you, buy a android, or stick to the computer.

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