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here and here

Would anyone here be interested in watching me do some hacking practice on a site like Twitch or Beam? Just wondering, it would be nice to have someone yell at me if I do something stupid. Just let me know :)

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I'd watch once out of curiosity :)

If you showed us how it was done than I would be intrigued. Of course (I hope) nobody would do anything illegal with the knowledge but still I would love to know how.

I am not super great at this stuff and the streams would be more me learning new stuff

What are you trying to do with the stream? Hijack? DDOS?

Trying to get a meterpreter session on my laptop to do webcam and mic hacks

Hey man I'd watch, I'm always interested in seeing how like-minded individuals solve similar problems by employing many, many different techniques.

Also, I'd to say 'bravo!' for originality, I don't believe I've ever seen anyone ask this kind of question and then, without shame, admit his ownshortcomings as an aspiring hacker (cheers to that, i'm right there with ya!) --, as it appears, you're trying to learn "with feedback" on your progress from those a bit more qualified on the subject.

Knowledge is Power. Share the knowledge so we can keep the power!

I'd definitely watch! It's interesting to see how other people do it because I just know about the ways I do it. I don't have anybody else in my town to watch lol.

I would love to! Nice idea by the way.

And I would prefer twitch ;)

You should download xsplit broadcaster, its the best free software for it right now. I already got some experience with it.

I hope to hear from you soon about its going to happen? Could be really awesome :D

This is a good idea, I would definitely be interested in watching.

please do this i really wanna know how so i can learn more

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