Forum Thread: I Have a Feeling This Will Hurt the WhiteHat Community

So, I found this article yesterday...

Basically, the TPP will take your device and destroy it if you hack it.

I have a feeling this will be a nightmare for us aspiring white hats. How can we now train and learn if we are barred from testing on our own WiFi's or devices.

Personally, I think this will become bad for the Cyber-world because soon us WhiteHats won't be able to train to defend against cyber attacks, and companies will no longer have people who are able (or legally able) to fix security loopholes, leaving systems with giant "Hey! This is hackable" signs.

Null-Byte community, what do you think of this?

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8 Responses

Government will always pander to corporate to try and take away rights of the consumers.

I honestly don't see this as much of a blow to white hats, as we will still be necessary. Laws doesn't stop criminals breaking the law, so either the TPP allows white hats to continue their work, or major corporations like Google and Facebook lose a significant customer base due to privacy and security concerns.

I don't see that happening.

Again, it's speculation and what they're proposing probably won't go through.


I agree with ghost, this is more of a article for speculation and I doubt any of it will be implemented, let alone enforced. I don't think that this will cause an issue for the whitehat community, especially since it would be impossible for them to know when a device is hacked or not.


If this does have a chance to go through we could always email our leaders and what not. It could help, but chances are it wouldn't go through

They tried something like this in the UK and it fell through because people realized how stupid it was.

I bet nobody here would stop tinkering and doing what they love doing for a hobby if that were even enforced. It's like banning football because it's too dangerous and causes bodily harm, makes no sense to stop us who do it for a hobby/career.

Poppedk Ernal...they already are moving towards more and more regulations for football.

I agree with having more cybersecurity laws...but actually persecute criminals instead of ethical members of society.

It's like the Government destroys your phone because you recorded a crime on it, claiming that you must have also committed the crime. (horrible analogy)

What governments (and corporations too, for that matter) seem to fail to realize is that by passing more laws, they are only making more outlaws. But let's be clear about what the TPP really is. It's a secretive, multi-national trade agreement that imposes new laws and regulations outside of any congressional oversight or approval, which in the US makes it unconstitutional. The consumers who will be expected to abide by the TPP, a.k.a people, or citizens like you and me, have absolutely no voice in the matter. And when passed, you can expect me to rebel against it in any way I can. And if more people had that attitude, then the corporations and governments involved in this would quickly lose the confidence they must have to attempt things like this. "People shouldn't be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people." If they want to take what I do and change the label on it to something punishable, then come and try to punish me. But I'll be damned if I stop.

I agree, and honestly out of all the people you want to mess with, I don't think hacking community is one that will go down easy ;)


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