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Hello everybody!

I'm pretty new here, so you probably won't recognize me. However, I am currently writing on a How-To about mitmproxy and after a couple of hours I realized that this article is a Forum Thread though I'm sure that I clicked at How To. I just want to make sure whether this is something usual or if I do something wrong.


I'm still stuck, this is embarrassing. I figured out the Start a new: Forum-Button redirects to and the Start a new: How-To-Button redirects to When typing the URL for How-Tos manually, I get HTTP Code 302 and I will be redirected to, which is the forum. That is so weird. :(

Thank you in advance! Have a good day!
~ chrizator

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It seems like it automatically switches fromHow-To to Forum. I tried it again with a test post, but it did not work. I feel kind of stupid now.

This is becoming possible soon

Shoot me a message on Twitter, I can help you get set up if you'd like to show up on the Null Byte front page.

Thank you for responding! I know, it's been a while. I did not think of somebody responding to this post. I got you on Twitter. Again, much thanks!

For sure!

Someone needs to create a How-to, How-to... oh, wait... ;)

Similar to this one?

But for getting on the front page, I'm working on a few ways of doing that. If you're interested get @ me on Twitter.

I too would like to know more about how to "how to"? :-)

Be a twitter 2 me.

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