Forum Thread: Is My Laptop a Zombie?


I have a feeling my laptop might be a zombie in a botnet... (not 100% sure though)

When I looked through the processes running, I see a user that looks like a random jumble of text. Like this (not exactly) : "ç?vß"

Strangely, it disappears really quick. And when I manage to catch up and click on it, it disappears and replaces with "root"

Is my laptop a zombie?

and lets assume it is.
What do I have to do to remove it? I'm on a UNIX-based OS

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2 Responses

I'd suggest backing up to a previous version of your computer to wipe out any changes that the "hacker" would have made.

You could also probably check your user accounts and see if there is anything out of the ordinary there. Hey, that's the most I know. Hope it helped :///

yea...I don't have a backup storage device...

what I am trying to do is to hopefully use Python to make a script to catch anything unusual....

I dunno :/
I'm stuck on a part of the program..

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