Forum Thread: Is Windows 8 the New Vista?

Back in 2007, Microsoft launched a new operating system they dubbed "Vista" to much fanfare. Unfortunately, corporations and individuals worldwide shunned it due to a variety of issues. Many simply skipped this OS entirely. Eventually, in 2009 Microsoft made a number of changes and improvements to Vista and re-released it as Windows 7 that was a success.

Windows 8 has received a similar response from the IT community. Many people are uncomfortable with it's attempt to be BOTH a tablet/touch interface and a desktop interface. Microsoft, without a successful entry into the rapidly expanding mobile device market, seems to have attempted to straddle the desktop and mobile markets with Windows 8. The response from been a resounding THUD from the marketplace. Sales of Windows has dropped sharply for Microsoft.

Is Windows 8 the new Vista?

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I'm running Windows 7 on my main computer and I tried Windows 8 out and tbh I really didn't like it at all. The Tablet Interface is really annoying and hard to use without a touchscreen, so yes I do think that Windows 8 kinda has the same problem that Vista had because it's just a desperate attempt from Microsoft to make an OS that is compatible with mobile devices and real computers. I think they should have made two good separate operating systems, one for desktops and one for mobile devices and not one that tries to merge both but doesn't even match it's predecessor Windows 7.

well, let's look at a pattern: windows 98 sucked, XP rocked. Vista sucked, 7 triumphed. 8 sucks (in my book; open for debate). what's your next move Microsoft? and don't even get me started on how "343 Studios", a Microsoft company, screwed over "Rooster Teeth".

Windows 8 just isn't as practical as 7 even though the UI looks nice

the really irritating part is now companies are making drivers only for 8 and not 7 anymore. my buddy just recently bought a new desktop preloaded with windows 8 and can't downgrade to 7 because his network drivers aren't available

A lot of settings are hard to find in Windows 8, i.e. Disk Cleanup has been moved to Administrative Tools in the control panel. I have to use command prompt to do a lot of things that used to exist in the settings. Many people complain about the Metro start screen, but you don't really need to use it if you don't want to. The new settings menus can be avoided almost entirely if you choose. The one thing I absolutely love about Win8 is the lack of the Start menu. Yes, you heard me correctly. It is so much faster to hit Win+Q and type the name of some program/setting/file instead of navigating a start menu to find it. This is improved further in 8.1, as the search no longer takes over your whole screen.

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