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I've looked around and I've seen some amazing things being done with the forum. Now my idea is, why not the community pitch in to create a android app for this forum since we all use phones. I've been thinking and this I think would be a huge benefit to the forum in general. I would like some thoughts on this suggestion. Please and thanks. :)

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What would this android app do?

Allow people to view post, sign in, post threads, etc. Basic functions of what we do on the forum. :)

The idea sounds nice, but who would be developing it?


I can do all those things now with a browser. I think Shadow was volunteering to build it.

I am volunteering but I was just really wondering if people would use it. Seems that's a yes.

It would surely be nice to have an app for nullbyte. I'm also on my phone looking nullbyte up via the browser but it is just to annoying to use the regular browser, so ye a good application would be nice for this website :)

If there is interest I would be interested in volunteering some time to contribute to developing an app. Who ever is going to be running it toss me a PM.

I think that is a good idea.
I would like to use an app.

I could see that being a thing, but it would have to be updated constantly. It would help out the newbies a LOT, only problem I see is that the updating and such would be a pain.

I already have plans for the app. Last year, I got tired of opening the browser every time I needed to check the forum so I started the project but was like 30% when I had to halt it and continue after my exams. Mine basically just allows you to view the posts or thread in a list and notifies you when there is a new post. But for right now it is on pending. Should someone want to kick-start, that would be a good idea.

# Sergeant

Nice idea on that one, it will be useful for this community. Sometimes it is annoying to open regular browser again and again.

But what about the people that use iOS?? I always access the site from my iPad.

Is the app open-source? And what language will it be developed in?

It should be open source otherwise we can't make sure that it's not backdoored and no one will use it.

A question:

If the app does get developed and sees a final release, where would it be available from? The play store should be a goal, but would it be available from any third party sites?


Well it really depends upon what audience we want to show or make it available to. In my mind the audience would be Hackers, or Techies (People who love technology). Meaning that we would be more or less presenting it to them. I think the Play Store may be good, but I'd prefer it be on a downloadable APK.

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