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My Brainf*cked Python BASICally Bashed and ate my Ruby On Rails for my model train. It was kinda AWKward, but I had to focus on the Falcon test, in which I got a C. I think it was just my operations, but being able to interpret my Python would help it run. It probably thinks I will execute it otherwise! I got so mad, I threw an Apple out my Windows, only to find my Tux ripped by my Orange Puppy. I got a good morning Java, and started to GO to my car. I was pretty Brainf*cked about my grade, but then again, I could have gotten a D, or worse, and F on my test. I walked outside just to find Rust on my car. It used to be polished like a Perl, but now it had a huge Whitespace of a Scratch! I felt like a Pawn in this life. Just like the Factor of my life was just an ICON of the Universe--unimportant. Then I remembered we had an Assembly that day. I tied my Bootstraps, swatted the Gnats as I walked to my car, and drove off. How could this day get any worse?

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At that moment he knew, he f*cked up. Kkkkkkkkk

I'm so pro like,

I can compile syntax errors.

I swear that a script kiddie would say that! XD

Haha, it made me giggle like a girl! nice one.

Thanks. This was as logical as I could make the story...

I was working In a Rust covered room, that used to look shiny like a perl.

I got a call from my boss, saying that our ruby storage was BASHed and that a python that can't c# with a Tux was inside. I gave him some glasses so he could C++ but it backfired. He drank his java and struck as the others Assembled a cage around him. We got all the ruby on rails and PHPought about bringing the Perls. We got them, and moved them to the jquery. GOing back, we encrypted the cell and took him away. He was locked in a Whitespace.

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