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When I upload a file to website with different maneuvers, I was able to upload currapted file, than I find the file, open it, and see here is such a shuth (img bellow). I tried to change the meta-data for this file and upload again and again with different exploits, but so far nothing has been able to find via this file (algorithm).

Plz give me an advise what I can check more \ or what I can interesting upload (send) over this file to server.

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I hope this is a legal pentesting. You can try this or this

Yes, it's legal pentest, try help to close different vulnerabilities in one site (unfortunately I can't say url). Thanks, will take a look on this. But if some one will have any other ideas - will be thankful

Unfortunately none of these manuals are not helped to compromise the site. Add just, that the site uses web-server nginx... so, question still open..

Have you already checked all inputs (user inputs, browser headers, cookies...) for sql injection ?

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