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I intend to host a malicious website in my own computer. Problem : I don't have the bucks to pay for a domain name. Now questions :

  • Where to get free domain names ?
  • Is using those risky when we want to submit a malicious website ?
  • If I want to send to the victim a link to a Flash exploit generated with Metasploit, can I change the ip adress to a domain name ?

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First, this is not really a topic related to NB. Still, you can use one of the 4 top level domain extensions provided by FreeNom, which is essentially a scam for free domains. But works fine in start.

Yes, it is risky. Your website will be removed as soon as owners see it. Not sure about FreeNom domains, but would be surprised if that's different.

Yes you can change it, by configuring the DNS servers of the domain. This question sends me in doubt of whether you're really worthy of this information. But anyways, here you go.

-The Joker

So would it be better to pick a paid domain name ?
Don't worry, nothing really malicious. It's just a page with a picture and php code returning the user agent.

Paid domain names make it easier to press legal actions against you. And then it can all be taken down by the court.

-The Joker

Wow... So actually, the best way is to keep the ip in the adress, I guess...
But how is it possible, since the code is hosted in one's computer ?

Yes, now that you say it, there's been a flaw in my argument. The ip-address is still a problem, though not as big as your details being available in payment info.

Perhaps you could make it in darknet and make your domain load that website. A bit tough, but possible, considering there are already some search engines in visible web that can load them.

-The Joker

Wouldn't be possible to pay with cryptocurrency ?
And a domain name in the darknet is free ?

Yes, you can pay with cryptocurrencies, but since your website will already be removed as soon as the owner sees it, that might not be a viable option. From what I hear, spam and malicious websites get taken down within hours.

Domains in darknet are free, as much as I can remember, and they're just pretty much random. And there are loads of malicious websites there. So, you can not have a custom domain, no competition in domains, and thus free domains to all.

-The Joker

Well, thanks for the infos, dude !

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