Forum Thread: My Friends Facebook Hacked..

Please help everyone, one of my friends facebook got hacked.

That guy first sent her request from another hacked account and did social engineering on my friend , and convienced her to give her password and also convienced to make her send some of her pics( you know what i mean) she gave her account details and that guy now is send all her pic to her friends. And he also hacked her gmail account, she neve gave her gmail account details.

Please tell how do we hack the Hacker,
OR atleast to secure her facebook account back.

we need your help,please everyone do help in securing the account and give your opinions.
I would be really thankful .

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I don't think hacking the hacker would be very helpful as most hackers are security-aware (though some may be careless. I would definitely talk to your friend about internet safety as from what I can tell she has hot had much experience in. This isn't a bad thing but as you can see the consequences of not knowing how to keep yourself safe online. I would definitely talk to her about never ever ever giving out her password to anyone (except if it is something that you don't care about too much then you can give it to your best friend who you trust with your life). Also note that she creates a strong password because even though the password was given out this time, it still wouldn't be bad to have a nice strong password. This is important because, especially with Facebook being a social media site where most users give out a lot of personal information, if your password is an easy one people may be able to guess your password just by looking at your Facebook page. As for getting the account back I'm pretty sure that if you contact Facebook and explain the situation, provided your friend has the proper details and information to show that the account is really hers, then they would most likely be happy to help you get it back.

Best Regards,
Joe Smith

thanks bro for the help..
Thank you!!

I completely agree with Joe.

If I were in your situation, I would first go to the Facebook help center, explain the situation, and wait until help arrived.

Next thing I would do is make a secure password.

At least 9 characters, numbers, letters, uppercase, and lowercase, and nothing related to me. Also change my forgot password settings so the crook can't reset my password.

Just curious, how did your friend get social engineered into giving up her password? Whatever the answer, hopefully this experience will help you and your friend be more secure in the future.

All the best.

  • Cameron Glass

Mates i know about the security and other things, and how to create strong passwords and also about hacking..
But my friend she doesn't knew anything. nut i told her everything as

Joe SMITH posted. The hacker sent her friend request from a girl's account which was also hacked by that guy. than he social engineered her almost a month and convienced her to give the account details..

Now he recently had also tried to get into a girls account from the same college where my friend studies.

There is no way to get the account back by ourselves. As a security expert we should know to do. Can you'll help me to do so?

I dont think anyone should Give his password under any circumstances, I think he hacked her boyfriend or lover account, that's the most reasonable way to get the password and the pics

Remember to use different passwords for different sites, if the hacker grabbed your password from Facebook, then he will try and use it on all your other accounts as well to see what he can own.

But m not getting, how did her get into her gmail, she only gave her facebook account details and did not mention anything about gmail, and her gmail and facebook passwordsare different.

If she got social engineerd so easily she might have clicked a malicious link/downloaded a malicious program. And the gmail login details just got keylogged.

^ This. As you all know, there really aren't any good reasons to give out your passwords to anyone. Even if you don't care about your profile/the site if you use that same password elsewhere this can spiral out of control quickly.

Well thats kinda shit happens, i mean ofc you can recover your account and stuff but catching images is kinda impossible.

I always tried to explain the Internet as a kind of second World, and to be honest would you give your keys to your house to a stranger? Or pose in front of them nude?

Atleast im sure she learned from it and now tries to take care of her actions.

-Kitsune The Fox

Now this Shit happened with my friend too .. But Hacker didn't use the same way ( whatever he/she did ,i don't know ) . But he/she is using Her Account to Embarrassed her.. i need A way to hack this account , to get it back . Please its a Genuine problem And i hope you can understand

i need the hacking turtorial for facebook account

just read the artcls on this site

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