Forum Thread: Need Help!!!

Hello Friends
I need help
I decided to hack a website but I understood that I have to learn basics of lunching a server
(honeypots/database/server configuration and ....
I need a powerful source to learn those Basics
please give me your suggestions.
by the way "I am beginner"

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2 Responses

First, if you are a beginner, try something easier. You would have to learn a lot before you can even hack the website, like MySQL, Apache, XSS, etc. Here on null byte you can read some of Master OTW's articles or watch an Ethical Hacking course on youtube.

Second, neither me or anyone here is responsible for your illegal actions, because I don't think that the website you are trying to hack is yours.

I found out that each time I leave the office some one goes to my computer and take some of my personal document. I don't know how the person manage to break through my I had to find solutions to know who has been doing this then I went online and searched for hackers who can do this for me and I saw DARKHATTHACKER@GMAIL.COM as one of the top best hackers so I contacted him and told him about my problem and how I need solutions. This hacker used a very mad and reliable tools as he told me and I saw it. This tools were able to clone over 10 computers that we use in my office and I found out the person doing this in less than 4 hours DARKHATTHACKER I promised I was going to give you good reviews if this works. Here I am keeping to my promise God bless you and just know you are the best. Now I feel very secured.

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