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Hello Friends
I need help
I decided to hack a website but I understood that I have to learn basics of lunching a server
(honeypots/database/server configuration and ....
I need a powerful source to learn those Basics
please give me your suggestions.
by the way "I am beginner"

2 Responses

First, if you are a beginner, try something easier. You would have to learn a lot before you can even hack the website, like MySQL, Apache, XSS, etc. Here on null byte you can read some of Master OTW's articles or watch an Ethical Hacking course on youtube.

Second, neither me or anyone here is responsible for your illegal actions, because I don't think that the website you are trying to hack is yours.

Hello friends (Namaskar)

Please help me to read messages from Whatsapp , I have only the mobile no, please reply , I know lot of genius are here. Thank you.

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