Forum Thread: I Have Tried to Update My Old Computers Bios. It Did Well with Upgrade from AMI BIOS V3.02 to 3.04, I Flashed Trough Usb

I need to find the V3.04 on a ROM-file (to edit it in AMIBCP, and later flash it). As many of you know all "good" settings for overcloking is locked in OEM BIOSes). Anyone who can help me find the ROM-file for AMI BIOS V3.04 (I upload the ISO image here to)? I would be very thankful for your help. The last alternative is to find a modded version, wich have unlocked setting. But I have searched in days now, and I don't find anything relevant. I'm a mediocre computer user, with only the basic knowledge of BIOS and modding, so I need your help. Hope anyone can help me in some way on this issue, PLEASE! ;)

AMI BIOS V3.04 Update on ROM or Hacked One HELP!!?

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Yes, but it then it got to be a ROM-file. My BIOS version v.3.04 are a .bin file, for use on boot CD or USB. To be able to flash it in windows it got to has to be a .rom file. Thanks anyway for your answer :)

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