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Hey guys! I'm really sorry for my bad english. I try to learn every day but it's a bit hard lol

Well, im here for a simple question :

Can you help me to help a kid?

His facebook get hack like 2 or 3 time and his mother (Or mother's sister) ask on a "Spotted" page on facebook if anyone can help him to get back his facebook and I say, yeah, sure. I can try even if it will probably failed.

I know some tips and tricks from Kali, metasploit, SEToolkit, ettercap, and other tools.

My real question is: How to hack the hacker?

What the way I should use to help him? I mean, it's not very funny to get punch in the face by a girl because an asshole fucked up your facebook.

Thanks for your help.

Bladt-Pop ?

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