Forum Thread: Which Is the Best laptop.for Hacking

Hi guys I am new to hacking I just need some suggestions to buy a new laptop

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8 Responses

you mean new to computers?

Any main frame computer should suit, atleast for simple things.

Definitely an old white PowerPC MacBook. Make sure to get the 512MB ram version because metasploit works best with less than 1GB of ram, also make sure that it has a broadcom network adapter, then install windows xp on it. You should be set, windows runs better on the powerPC MacBooks if you delete system32 as well, it's a mac only thing though.

That has to be the worst advice I have ever seen, this has to be a trolling attempt.

if your going to use it for hacking i prefer any dual core to quad core cpu (i prefer intel cpu) laptop with or without grapics card.. if you want cheaper then go without the grapics card..

Don't forget the RAM. If you are going for serious password cracking, 16+GB should do, but for general purpose, you should be fine with 4 to 8GB.

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